Vision School Network

The Vision School Network, implanted in the province of Quebec, Canada, more than 20 years ago, is the first group of private schools at the preschool and elementary levels, to offer schooling based on the learning of languages in an English immersion context to Quebec and Canadian children whose mother tongue is French.

Offered to over 3 000 children in more than 20 schools, Vision’s unique immersion concept provides students with quality education that enables them to achieve, by the end of their elementary schooling, a high level of proficiency in oral expression and written comprehension in both the English and French language. In Spanish class, which is the third language learned at Vision School, emphasis is placed on oral expression, vocabulary acquisition, and learning of grammatical rules.

Vision School in Morocco

Through their studies of the Moroccan educational system, Vision School provides Moroccan students the opportunity to learn new languages in a unique immersion setting created from many years of experience.

Beginning in preschool and continuing throughout their journey with Vision School, both maternal languages taught to Moroccan students are English, (immersion language) and Arabic. Learning of French language will be more focused on oral conversation.

Vision’s innovative approach, skilled and specially trained staff, exclusive educational programs, a challenging and stimulating educational environment inspired by the Canadian Vision model – this is what Vision School has to offer Moroccan children.

Give your children a head start, offer them Vision School!

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