Vision School Preschool

The Vision School Preschool program, which is for children aged 2 to 5, is based on the introduction of new languages and the development of motor skills. Our program ensures that all children develop their full potential through the benefits of a multilingual environment and the acquisition of motor skills at a young age.

Fun and meaningful learning activities respect the natural and timely progression of each child. Our immersion program promotes the learning of English, Arabic, and French. Language is learned through thematic educational activities where children’s enjoyment is paramount. In this manner, children develop confidence and self-esteem while building a solid foundation for their future.

Children discover the world around them through amusing and rewarding games, psychomotor activities, fine and gross motor exercises, workshops, and experiments. Different themes are adapted to the children’s age groups and stages of development, while respecting the fact that each child is unique.

Each Vision School Preschool offers a safe family environment (North American standards). Our learning environment, coupled with passionate and dynamic educators who are expressly trained by Vision School’s head office, will allow children to live daily successes while giving them a greater desire to attend school and the necessary tools for their future.

At Vision School, your children’s needs are our priority. Give your children a head start! Offer them Vision!

Services offered by Vision School

At Vision School Preschool, several services are set up to meet your needs and those of your children:

  • Open all year: (240 days);
  • Early learning activities
  • English immersion (more than 15 hours per week);
  • Introduction to French through fun games;
  • Psychomotor activities to develop the muscular and locomotor systems (5 Mini-gym sessions of 45 minutes each for students attending 5 days per week, 3 sessions if attending 3 days per week and 2 sessions if attending twice per week);
  • Daycare services included in daily fees, (07h45 – 17h00);
  • Family oriented environment;
  • Secured, electronically controlled environment.
A unique environment

We offer a warm and stimulating environment with equipment specifically adapted to the Vision School approach. Built according to the Canadian head office standards, this learning environment will allow children to develop and flourish through daily activities that include play, workshops, psychomotor development and imaginary exploration.

Each Vision School Preschool includes a Mini-gym that is especially adapted for young children. In addition to developing the children’s motor skills and stimulating their desire to be active, we want them to build solid foundations for their future academic activities.

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