Vision School – Elementary grades

Vision School aims to ensure that every student becomes a competent learner by relying on the benefits of:

  • Learning languages in an immersion environment;
  • Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Developing skills related to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

It is at the elementary and secondary levels that the Vision School concept is fully appreciated and the word immersion takes on all its meaning. Our schools offer students the unique opportunity to study all subjects prescribed by the Moroccan educational program in an English immersion setting.

The Vision approach focuses on small group instruction and offers an enriched 30-hour per week program of classroom instruction. Vision School ensures that students meet and even surpass expectations at the end of elementary and secondary school in all subjects, including Arabic. An important place is also reserved for French and physical activity classes. English learned at Vision School is comparable to that of children whose mother tongue is English.

Students who complete their elementary grades at Vision School begin their high school journey with an extensive academic toolbox and well-developed study and work habits.

Students who complete their high school studies with Vision School will be well equipped to start their post-secondary studies or enter the work force. Skills and competencies developed throughout their journey at Vision School, in particular at the language, science, and technology levels, will enable high school graduates to become outstanding and exceptional citizens.

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