Zone Mini-gym

Each Vision School Preschool includes a Mini-gym, named “zone Mini-gym“, which is specially adapted for young children. In addition to developing the children’s motor skills and stimulating their desire to be active, we want them to build solid foundations for their future academic activities.

Maroc-Minigym_FilleBAllonIt is recognized that a child incurs the most important physical and motor transformation before the age of 6. It is essential that children be stimulated at each stage of their development during this time. By giving children the opportunity to participate in motor and psychomotor activities in a fun environment, we allow them to become more aware of their body, to develop good posture and hand to eye coordination, to recognize right from left, to pay attention to proper visual and additive stimuli, etc.

Each activity in our program follows the natural order of transition from early childhood to childhood. Our philosophy is based on learning through play, with the goal that every child enjoys being physically active. If children have fun exercising at school, they will attempt to recreate physical activities as often as possible in their daily lives, thereby acquiring a healthy and active lifestyle at a very young age.

At Vision School, we believe that the more children develop their motor skills, the better prepared they will be for elementary school and the more willing they will be to transfer these good habits into their daily lives.

For more information we invite you to view the “Zone mini-gym” section in the prekindergarten section of our web page.

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