A specialized team, trained in the Vision concept!
Personnel from the Vision head office specially trained our team of educators in Vision’s preschool educational approach.  Regular professional development sessions are held to ensure the Vision team is always well versed with the latest research relating to preschool educat... Lire la suite
Exclusive to Vision School Rabat: a Mini-gym area!
Specially designed for young children’s psychomotor development, the Mini-gym area is exclusive to Vision School Rabat. For more information we invite you to view the “Zone mini-gym” section in the prekindergarten section of our web page. Lire la suite

Contact Us

The first Vision School establishment is situated in Rabat:

   Abderrahim Bouabid avenue, Sector 17 D2 Hay Riad Rabat

06 82 30 76 35



For more information concerning the Vision School Network, please consult the Canadian head office website at ecolevision.com

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